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SEVENTAK ST is an extra weather resistant self-adhesive label stock designed for outdoor use application such as automobile ornament graphic stickers, motor-cycle graphic stripes, etc..
Extra flexible materials assure you high conformance or contourability to 3-D round surfaces.@
   SEVENTAK ST Marking Film:
           Face Stock: Calendared P. V. C. Film
            Color: White, Clear
    SEVENTAK ST-F Marking Film:
            Face Stock: Casted P.V.C. Film 
             Color: White, Clear
    SEVENTAK ST-U Marking Film:
            Face Stock: Casted Polyurethane Film 
            Color: White, Clear
    SEVENTAK ST Hair Line Film:
            Face Stock: Textured Polyester Film 
            Color: Silver, Hairline Textured
    SEVENTAK ST Application Film:
            Face Stock: Polyester, P.V.C. P.P. Paper 
Application: automobile ornament graphic sticker, motor-cycle graphic stripes, stickers for automatic vending machines and etc.
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