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Easy way to apply the tape by back adhesive
Adhesion strength never change on any surface
Quick use after application
Anti-Slip property shall not change with an oil or a water.
Anti-Slip tape not only offers Anti-Slip effects but also works as  a caution sign to draw an attention.




@@@Anti-Slip Layer @ Artificial aggregate @
@@ABase iLinerj Aluminum Foil Polyester Aluminum Foil
@@BAdhesive Type Rubber Acrylic  Acrylic

TypeTiFor floor steel platej

Flexible Aluminum Sheet Type  
Application for uneven surface, such as floor steel plate, acceptable.
iApplicationjFloor Steel Plate E General Buildings EAn Entrance of A Factory
Color F Black. E Green E Yellow
Form Size 1 case
Sheet 500mm~500mm 20 Sheet

TypeUiFlat surfacej

High-Strength Polyester Film Type.
High adhesion for flat surface.
iApplicaitonjFolk Lifts E Steps for Construction Machine E Ladders
Color F Black. E Green E Yellow
Form Size 1 case
Roll 25mm~18m 12 roll
Roll 50mm~18m 6 roll
Roll 100mm~18m 3 roll
Roll 150mm~18m 2 roll

TypeViOutdoor UsejRoll type

Flexible Aluminum Foil provided by roll shape
Applicable for platforms or ladders in station
iApplicationj Ladders in station E Platform E Bus ESteps of train E Pedestrian Corridor
Color F Black.EGreenEYellow
Form Size 1 case
Roll 50mm~18m 6 roll
Roll 100mm~18m 3 roll
Roll 150mm~18m 2 roll
Roll 300mm~18m 1 roll
PD Wipe off the oil, water and dust, etc. of the part you try to affix to (use gasoline or thinner for oil stain).
QD Cut it to appropriate size by scissors, etc.
RD Peel off the release liner. Adhesive glue of the back is ready to stick. Stick it.
SD Press the adhesive part strongly by hand, leg or rubber roller.
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