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ALF Protective Clothing Products
Fire fighting cloth with Light and flexible. The Material completely differ from conventional aluminum rubber coated material.
Neckcover Revolution
Realization of extreme wide view (Conventional type : 90New type : approximately 220j. Special cassette method enables the exchange of lens.
Protective Hood & Safety Belt
Designed for use in fire-fighting and other operation in full conformance to the requirements
ALF Fire Fighting Glove
This glove is not only special coated to Aramid textile fabric which have high strength, high elasticity and high knife resistance, but also improved knife proof property..
RI Suit
Designed for the structural firefighters encountering dangerous radio-activity pollution hazards.
ANTI-HORNET SUIT protects your body against the deadly bees' attacks.
Heat Reflective Fire-Fighting & Rescue Suit
Model KA-2000 is a heavy duty type fire-fighting and rescue suit.
ALF Protective Footwear
Light weight and advance function assure safety operation in fire fighting.
Fire Blanket
Flame retardant and fire resistant blanket fabricated of high technology fiber blend.
Knife-Proof Vest
This product is designed for emergency rescue team with the construction of high-functional fiber and hybrid panel.
High-level Heat Reflective Working Wears
Personnel Protective Working Clothing for the protection against high radiant heat and flame contact,
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