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ALF Fire Blanket
ALF Fire Blanket KA-500 is the flame retardant and fire resistant blanket fabricated of high technology fiber blend and protects the human bodies or equipment from fire, spark and/or high radiant heat. z_alf_blanket1.gif (99227 バイト)
Light weight and long serviceability. 
Easily foldable into the carry bag and easy access to the blanket.
Comex (TEIJIN's aramid fabric) z_alf_blanket2.gif (33861 バイト)
pbi (HOECHST-CELANESE'S polybenzimiazole fabric)
Pyromex (TOHO RAYON's carbon fabric)
Fire Retardant:  
Limited Oxygen Index (LOI) is commonly used to show the fire retardant of the fiber. The LOI value of more than 26 show that the fiber having flame retardant (self-extinguishable) property.
Quick Release Carry Bag: 
ALF KA-500 Fire Blanket is packed and stored in a carry bag with hanging loops and can be ready for use by its unique quick release system.
Typical Use: 
Fire-Extinguish Blanket, Emergency Rescue Service, Fire Rescue Blanket, Escape Path, Fire Cover
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