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ALF Protective Footwear
Fire Fighting Boots for Structural Fire Fighting
Light weight and advanced function assure safety operation n structural fire fighting. Steel mid-sole plate utilize complete puncture resistant protection.   z_alf_boots1.gif (226059 バイト)
Knee covers made of heat resistant chemical rubber cloth (silver colored) show high reflectivity against the radiant heat. 
KA-350: Fireman's Boots with Knee Cover  z_alf_boots3.gif (74469 バイト)
Knee cover can be easily detachable with zip fastener.
KA-351: Fireman's Long Boots  z_alf_boots2.gif (79748 バイト)
Boots and Knee Cover combined together shall avoid the invading of the water.
These long boots can e worn with suspenders tied to the waist belt..
Fire Fighting Boots for Structural Fire Fighting
Designed for use in fire-fighting and other operation exposed to high radiant heat.
KA-2050: Heat Resistant Boots  z_alf_boots4.gif (60016 バイト)
Outer shell is of Aluminized Aramid Fabric lined with felt of leather. The sole is of heat resistant rubber which meets UL 96. V0 class requirements. The toe is protected with steel protector for impact and compression.
KA-2051: Heat Resistant Rubber Boots  z_alf_boots5.gif (78328 バイト)
Manufactured from excellent heat resistant compound rubber and having steel toe protector.
KA-551: Overshoes  z_alf_boots6.gif (64125 バイト)
Fabricated with Aluminized Glass Cloth outer shell. Designed for use in the hot place job.
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