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Cut-Resistant Vest

New product in the world! 100% base fabric flexible cut-resistant vest



Due to this product made of textile (fabric), It's light, thin and tender Front Rear
You can bent it to all angle. Flexible construction alf_bouha1.jpg (16214 oCg) alf_bouha2.jpg (18898 oCg)
This product fit tightly with your body and doesn't disturb your activity while wearing long time.
A construction enables you to insert protection board both in the front and the rear. alf_bouha3.jpg (11516 oCg) alf_bouha4.jpg (12886 oCg)
  You can adjust the size by the magic fastener both each shoulder and under the shoulder.
For the benefit for night use, retro-reflective band is attached at back 

Performance of cut-resistance: 

The unique construction of this product shall not permit slippage of blade by the attack and also provide protection against slits on protection board.
A conformance to the falling test by 25J. Attack by the ice pick and heavy kitchen knife also acceptable.
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