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ALF fire fighting glove (ZYLON)

Normal fire fighting glove

Water-proof glove




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Material^ Back Aramid fiber Material^ Back Aramid fiber
Palm Aramid fiber^ oan fiber ^Cotton Palm Aramid fiber^ oan fiber
Inner Liner(Back) Pig skin with kt coating  Insert Water-proof insert
Inner Liner(Back) pig skin with kt coating
Size^ lEkELk Size^ lEkELk
Safety glove
kt Coating (same material as knife-proof vest)
This material improves protection against cutting and pricking by special coating on the Aramid fiber fabric which has excellent knife-proof property.
Aramid fiber (KEVLAR fiber)
This is para-aramid fiber which was developed in 1971 by DU PONT in U.S.A.. The utmost characteristic is high strength and elasticity. Flame retardant, heat resistant, cut resistant, chemical resistant property, and also the usability under from cold to warm .environment offers wide range of application. 
oan fiber ZYLON
This fiber is made by liquid crystalline spinning of Poly (p-phenylene-2, 6-benzobisoxazole (PBO) which has robust, high linear molecular structure. Super fiber developed by modern science and fiber technology.
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