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ANTI-HORNET is designed for protecting your body against the deadly sings of the dangerous bees. As this protective suit is fabricated with Alumix, it offers a complete protection against not only the deadly stings but also heat and flames contact while your getting rid of the beehive using fire. z_alf_hati1.gif (69159 oCg)
In these days, residential areas are expanding to the suburbs, the injuries suffered from the dangerous bees becoming a serous problems.
The number of the killed by deadly stings is over 80 every year only in Japan. Almost all injuries suffered form the hornet. The hornet is very violent and its poisonous sting sometimes brings human being to death. Even a healthy person is beaten to death by an "Anaphylactic Shock" caused by antibodies.
@ Helmet with a drawing type covering   z_alf_hati2.gif (33323 oCg)
A Easy Wearing 2-piece type suit
B Replaceable type gloves
C Useful pockets attached
D Boots: combined with the trousers, reinforced steel plate
E Strong 2-Layer construction
F Light weight: (total: (6 kg)
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