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High-level safety protection for flame and radiant heat
This product performs well as a protection against heat and frame at iron, glass, mould and steel manufacturing company. For your best safety, we can offer you variety of choice of materials and design which is proper for each working place. alf_hogo1.jpg (79462 バイト)
■Material Characteristic:
Aramid fiber (PBI、Conex、Conex+PBI blended、EXFIRE)
Pre-carbon fiber (Pyromex)
Glass fiber, etc.
Above material is covered by aluminum layer, which characteristic is to reflect radiant heat 90% or more. Our product has such excellent protection property against radiant heat and flame.
●2A-Hood ●2B-Hood (Wide Vision Type) ●Apron with aluminum arm cover  
●Aluminum Front Apron
●Aluminum Waist Apron
alf_hogo2.jpg (9251 バイト) alf_hogo3.jpg (9994 バイト) alf_hogo4.jpg (13174 バイト)
●Aluminum Arm Cover ●Protective Sheet for fire and flame ●Aluminum Leg Cover
alf_hogo5.jpg (6691 バイト) alf_hogo9.jpg (11412 バイト) alf_hogo10.jpg (6059 バイト)
●Aluminum Arm Cover ●PBI Arm Cover ●Fire-resistance Cotton Arm Cover 
  (with fasten-rubber each side)
alf_hogo6.jpg (6876 バイト) alf_hogo7.jpg (5910 バイト) alf_hogo8.jpg (5980 バイト)
We could arrange custom-made design and other material in accordance with customer's requirment.
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