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ALF Heat Reflective Fire-Fighting & Rescue Suit
ALF KA-2000 is a heavy duty type fire-fighting and rescue suit designed to offer complete personnel protection against extremely high temperature radiant heat and momentary flame contact.  z_alf_ka20001.gif (78488 バイト)
High radiant heat reflectivity: more than 90%. 
Easy Equipment of Breathing Apparatus:
Back-pocket with jip fasteners provide easy equipment of Breathing Apparatus without wearing off the coat. It is capable of carrying any type of the breathing apparatus and the exchange of the cylinder can be easily and quickly available.
z_alf_ka20003.gif (86278 バイト)
Unique design of the Protective Hood has the interface apron providing maximum protection to the interface area between coat and hood. This interface apron with the action-free flexible throat designed will not minimize the wearers' movement. z_alf_ka20004.gif (64390 バイト)
The lower end portion of the coat has inner storm trap and provide effective interface area protection between coat and trousers. 
The total garments provide the excellent maneuverability and comfort.
     Outer shell: Aluminized Aramid Fabric
                  Outer shell base fabric option:
                        KA-2200 with Aramid/Pre-Carbon blended outer shell base fabric
                        KA-2300 with 100% PBI outer shell base fabric
      Thermal liner: Aramid Felt z_alf_ka20002.gif (50882 バイト)
      Moisture Barrier:  Breathable Moisture Barrier Film
         Inner Lining: Anti-bacterial and deodorizing fabric
Carry Bag (option):
      Boston Bag
       Hard Case: Plastic Case, Aluminum Case
z_alf_ka20005.gif (51525 バイト)
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