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In these days, due to the developments of Radio Isotope Technology, the use of the radioactive materials in the medical application and the industrial applications have been greatly expanded through the world.
ALF RI-100 orRI-200 Structural Firefighters' Suit is designed for use by the structural firefighters encountering dangerous radio-activity pollution hazards or radio active contamination during the fire-fighting operation and related lifesaving operations at the "Hot Job" places.  
NOTE: Protection shall be limited to the protection against alpha-ray or beta-ray radiation.
@ Acrylic Facepiece containing lead in equivalent of 0.3 mm coating thickness, with heat protective KAPTON film supported outside, as well as giving a wide vision.
C  The retro-reflective tape in lemon-yellow fluorescent color show high visibility enhancement for the firefighters. The reflective tape attached to the Hood Drapes, Sleeves and Leg Side Seams. 
D Air volume check can be available with the suit on through the covered window.
E Inner Trunks containing lead in equivalent of 0.3 mm coating thickness are equipped inside the suit.
F Knee Length Boots with inside zip fasteners and also with steel mid-sole protectors.
Basic Materials:
@ Base Cloth:  Oxford cloth VINYLON
A Coating: Gold color HYPARON rubber coated for easy cleaning
Breathing Apparatus: Can be equipped with 8 liters cylinders.
(Please advise in case of other types of breathing apparatus shall be used.)  
Please use Pressure Demand type breathing apparatus to avoid invasion of radio active materials inside to the wearer. 
Do not operate without carrying Survey Meter or Radio Activity Warming Detector.
Coverall type Inner Suit made of TYVEK is recommended for safety. Inner Suit can be available by option. 
Special Notice
Either of RI-100 or RI-200 Radioactivity Hazard Protective Firefighters' Suit is not designed for the protection from -ray and/or X-ray radiation. 
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