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                                                             model KA-AT

Summer cold, Winter dry


EAluminum surface reflects burning sun ray. It also cuts the radiant heat from sun and ground. Cool!!!
EInside heat will be exhausted through the heat-resistant , breathable and water-proof layer and fabric part.


EA water can't penetrate because of the almost all surface is covered by aluminum fabric.
EA fabric part also doesn't permit the penetration of water because the layer has also heat resistant, breathable and water-proof property.
EA quick-drying liner prevents water penetration by any chance.
Combination of aluminum film & fabric !!  alf_sproud_KA-AT1.jpg (91504 oCg)
A part of arm, back and crotch of separate type is made of fabric and trouser is also made of fabric. (Trouser is not available for bunker coat type)
Soil Free!!
Due to the special fluoric treatment to the aluminized surface, you can wipe off easily soil, oil and chemical. Maintenance Free
A high reflex aluminized surface reduces radiant heat stress caused at the fire scene.
Light & flexible!! alf_sproud_KA-AT2.jpg (9035 oCg)
Newly developed aluminized cloth as an extreme light & flexible fabric

By using this, the maneuverability streets ahead compared to conventional one

New concept!! 
New concept fire fighting suits with the combination of new type aluminized cloth and high function fabric.
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